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Day 4: Underwater exploration

 When I got up and started walking this morning, everything hurt. I feel old, injured and achy. I slept pretty well last night despite the pain and having to get up early to take another dose of ibuprofen. I was going to get up to see Kini and go to the market, but I got woken up by one of the resort staff saying someone was here to pick me up. I didn't know that anyone had responded to the emails I had sent to the dive shop nearby because there's only one small corner of the reception area that has WiFi. I really didn't want to flake out on Kini, but this would be my only opportunity to go diving in Fiji. I made the split second decision and told the worker to tell them that I'll be on my way. I grabbed my suit and clothes that were hanging on the line outside and quickly put them on. I hurried out the door after I grabbed my waterproof camera, wallet, and phone. I went so quickly that I didn't have time to get ready; brush my hair or eat breakfast. The dive sho

Day 3: Fijian whitewater rafting adventures

Sunrise at the resort Wow. What a day. Right now, I'm icing my thigh and waiting for dinner, but I'll get back to that later. I started the day pretty early talking to one of the guys that works the night shift. He was pretty curious and asked me a lot of questions. He's staying in the village that I visited yesterday; however, he's from another island and only gets to see his family every two weeks. Our conversation was cut short because my shuttle arrived to pick me up for the whitewater rafting adventure. The last person to be picked up was an American man with an annoying southern accent. He was stereotypically loud, but at least he was also funny. We continued driving for probably another 45 minutes until we reached an area where we had to switch buses. The new bus was 4-wheel drive, had a similar seating arrangement, but was much more ghetto. We continued inland going up into the mountains and winded our way up on a poor, clay dirt road. The views from the